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Hong Dali looked at the two men curiously. Luo Qiang rushed forward and clung onto Hong Dali’s thigh, wailing. “Boss, I cannot take it anymore! Fire me! If you won’t do it, I’ll leave by myself!”


“Little rascal!” Lan Ruoxi ferociously stepped on Hong Dali’s foot. “What else can be done, of course it’s the matter of making babies! You’re already an adult at eighteen years old. It’s time for a girlfriend. There are so many beautiful ladies beside you, and Tang Muxin is your fiancée. Can’t you spare a thought for your mother’s feelings? You should at least have done one of them!”


Everyone’s curiosity was piqued when Hong Dali asked this question. There were different ways to drink wine? You obviously drink with your mouth, not pour it down your nostrils, right?


“Oh?” Hearing the guard’s report, Yin Lieyang nodded in satisfaction and said, “Not bad. Tell them to do this nicely. After they’ve wiped out this batch of Zergs, I will help to apply a Second-grade Honor for him! He will definitely be rewarded with what he deserves! Haha, it’s everyone’s duty to kill the Zergs, tell him to fight this battle nicely!”


Do you see this shop? Mister Gate pointed at the weapons shop. This weapon has three attribute gems embedded in it. Two Strength +9, one Reflexes +8. My son actually said to sell this for one thousand Galaxy Dollars. If hes not a prodigal, what is he?


Actually, he was already very polite. After all, his misses were resting after shopping and he, as a lackey, had to make sure they were well-protected. However, Tianyi had always felt that he was extraordinary and being arrogant had become a habit. Although he had some smarts, men, especially lustful men, tended to become too full of themselves when they had power and wealthTianyi shoved Li Yang aside and said angrily, Where has this lackey come from, are you blind? Cant you see who I am? I am an Honorary Aristocrat! An orange-level Honorary Aristocrat, dont you recognize the cloak?!

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Usually, when a beautiful lady said that to a man of a similar age, the atmosphere would definitely be very romantic. However, when Lin Chuyin said that to Hong Dali, that was equivalent to asking, Have you eaten? And the other party responded with: Yes.


Out of the Star Harbor, Hong Dali stretched lazily and looked around. Ah, its a happy day, haha!


Isnt that a proper business transaction? How is that considered squandering? Ace asked the shop owner curiously. Could it be that your shop is facing some problems? Tell me about it.


“Okay!” Mister Gate nodded and dashed out again. In a short while, he again returned with the head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. They had no idea where he got it from…


“As long as you’re not treated badly, as long as you’re not treated badly!” Lan Ruoxi looked at Hong Dali. She would have imprinted Hong Dali’s face in her mind if she could. She pulled Hong Dali to the sofa and sat down. Then, she looked left and right again. Finally, she looked at the words on the cloak that Hong Dali wore. “Our little prodigal, this cloak is very impressive. Let me see, Aristocrat.Dali. Haha, good, good! Such a good cloak could only be matched with our little prodigal’s status!”


They had all been with Hong Dali for quite a long time and occurrences like this were commonplace, so they were not too shocked. Otherwise, they might have been so shocked their heart might stop, and then they’d be nothing but a black and white photo…


The problem here was that the three beautiful ladies, Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, and Jiang Qianxue were simply too gorgeous. They all had system-acknowledged maximum charm at one hundred and twenty-five points. Their attractiveness was not to be underestimated.



Cool kid. The clerk shrugged his shoulders. Then, he shook his head. He should be quite talented. But against the mysterious man, he still has a long way to go



Perhaps. The great Mister Gate threw Tianyi out of the main door like rubbish and said, This shop is under my protection. If you are trying to create trouble, go elsewhere! Scram!


Actually, its simple. Jiang Qianxue smiled. Every round will have its own coaches to grade the contestants. Grading will be based on their voice, lyrics, and songs. Its very strict. The total score will include votes from the audience. The maximum points one can get is ten thousand. Anyone that gets more than six thousand points will pass the stage to become the top one hundred in each city. The second rounds minimum score is seven thousand, third round eight thousand, fourth round nine thousand and above. The scoring is not only from the live audience but will also depend on their popularity and the votes from the online audience. In order to emerge as the winner, one will have to get at least nine thousand points. Its not easy. But the winner will definitely be the most popular person and the best.


Everyone knew the Bureau Chiefs position and hurried off. Most importantly, they had been assured of their family members safety. That was what mattered.

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