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“Look for my little brother Dali?” Yin Tianzong’s image stroked his chin and nodded. “That’s not a bad idea. This brother of mine is cheery all the time. Chatting with him will make you feel better!”


Well, go back and practice more. The clerk instructed. In one and a half months, on the first of December, there will be an Advancement assessment at 8 AM. If you successfully pass level twenty of the Tower of Trials in the meantime, you can directly become an Honorary Aristocrat. If you have not passed level twenty and there are still slots available, you can join the promotion exam. Try your best, young man. I like you.


Let me think. Hong Dali touched his chin. I remember the auction at Sauron Auction Center is happening soon? Big Brother Fang Han said he was going. Lets go take a look tomorrow. I wonder if there will be anything fun to do there. Haha!


Hong Dali hugged little Bai Hechou and looked at Wang Mingdao. Geezer Wang, it seems you didnt master much of Demon Fantasy Record previously either.


Hong Dali took a piece of armor out from his space watch. He pried the two gems that were on it out and put them onto the altar. One was a Strength +11 gem and the other was an Agility +12 gem.


Thats good. Jiang Dongliu opened the door from empty air as he spoke. Grandpa will go gallivant around then. Aiya, speaking of which, the weather today is really good. Well, hehehe.

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He slowly said, My new son seems very playful, but hes not as simple as he looks. I dont know if he really got these shops to squander, but he always seems to be on the right rhythm of things. That is powerful, very powerful! Not anyone can do that.


“Wahahaha, Uncle Chief, long time no see!” Hong Dali’s tears welled up when he saw the Bureau Chief. He went up to give him a tight hug. “I finally meet my family after so many days, haha!”


Exiting the appraisal room, Dali put on the Double Honorary Aristocrat golden cloak and cheered. Alright, lets set off to take part in the auction. Hahaha!


Why? I just want to buy it, what do you mean why? The second person did not take it lying down. How about we take this outside?!


To become a Double Honorary Aristocrat, even if he pulled strings, he should be quite capable. Other Honorary Aristocrats will definitely want to use him as a stepping stone to advance. But Im not so stupid. To come up with something like that, even if hes rich, there must be something behind it. En, from what I saw, this shop has become popular. If they managed to get better pieces of equipment and gems, their popularity will be sure to increase further. By then, no matter what they put up for sale, the money will come rolling in.


Her mind was in a mess. What happened today affected her deeply. It was not really her fault. After all, idolizing a hero was something every young girl was prone to do. The only difference was whether the hero was stronger or weaker.


Hehe, who said we need big scenes? Hong Dali smiled sinisterly. We can make small scenes work as well. Speaking of which, I do have something in mind.



Okay. Na Tairan gently lifted his hand, and the thousands of onlookers around him all felt their chests tighten. He put his hand on the stone tablet. Suddenly, the stone tablet displayed Na Tairans Tower of Trials results. Na Tairan from the Planet Heavens Vault, level eighteen of the Tower of Trials, cleared on the sixty-second attempt.



“It’s a Strength +14 gem, what do you mean a few points of attribute?” Tang Long raged. “It’s less than one in ten thousand, and you say that the attribute is not high?”


They really were recycling and reusing all the unwanted and discarded material. Before long, the seven shops were neatly hacked through. On the ground was a huge water pond connecting all seven stores. The stuff that should be hacked was hacked, and the ones that should be thrown were thrown. Then, they randomly added some sofas and coffee tables. The armor shop was thus complete!


En, first, in order to advance, there are two ways. First, pass level twenty-four of the Tower of Trials and become a yellow-level Honorary Aristocrat. But it would be tough within 1.5 months. The other way is to wait for the assessment test to challenge a yellow-level Honorary Aristocrat. There are risks in this option, and Im not confident. If it were doing business, I could follow and earn a little.

  • Without saying anything, he struck a man and a tiger swiftly and fiercely. Quentin and Li Yang quickly avoided him.
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