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As they walked on the streets, the people around discussed among themselves. Quick, look. A Galaxy Aristocrat seems to be dating an Honorary Aristocrat, right? It really looks like it. My God, Galaxy Aristocrats must never fall in love with someone outside their race. That lady Shh, its not for us to say anything. Dont talk rubbish. We cannot be responsible for the consequences!


Young Master. Ling Xiaoyi knocked on Hong Dalis room door and said softly, There is an Honorary Aristocrat outside who wants to discuss some business with you.


It was true that he liked drinking wine. He had tried almost all the wines and liquors in the Milky Way, but it was the first time he had met someone who made the choice of wine cup sound like it was an art. He suddenly felt enlightened. Even the way he looked at Hong Dali was different now.


“It’s hard to say now.” The mysterious man shook his head. “It depends on luck. Hopefully, we’ll manage to contact Dali soon. He should be able to ask for protection for us from the Galaxy Alliance. It’s better to pay a price than to be completely destroyed by the Zerg.”


Lets find someplace quieter said Hong Dali, depressed. Its uncomfortable to attract so much attention wherever we go. I just want to be a quiet, handsome, prodigal Actually, as a prodigal, it was okay to be a little more high profile. He did not really care. But when the entire street behaved like that, it was annoying


Right then, on Earth, Zhang Yi and Chuyin’s laboratory was where the most advanced technology was developed. New Lanxiang was where this advanced technology was manufactured—one researched and the other manufactured. It was a clear division of labor.

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Shenluo Citys Sing! Milky Way will commence soon. We welcome everyone to take part in this competition. Location for audition: Virtual World Area 52, Sing! Milky Way Hall. Time: October 21, 8 AM.


The pose looks good. Tianyi sized Li Yang up. How many levels of the Tower of Trials did you pass?


Our shop sells only one piece of armor a day. First come, first serve. Mister Gate chuckled like a sly old fox. However, as to what time the shop will open, how much it will be sold for, that will depend on my mood for that day.


Waha Gate had just finished his sentence when people started running upstairs in a frenzy. It was not a joking matter. If they got there late, they would regret it for the rest of their lives!


There was already a gold-level Double Honorary Aristocrat and an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat. The atmosphere was already tense. But when this young man came over, there was no tension. He looked like he was just approaching some friends to say hithe key was that no one knew who he was


The main reason for his return was to show his parents that he was safe and well. He must not forget about that.


This Dali, as a gold-level Double Honorary Aristocrat he did something so prodigal. Luckily I discovered it early. Otherwise, I would have suffered a big loss today!



Jiang Qianxue’s face was flushed red. She did not dare to look at Hong Dali. She was afraid she would not be able to take it if she looked at him. After all, this atmosphere was too weird…



“This mysterious genius has completed level 30.” An Elder said in a deep voice, “This type of super-genius might not come around even in a thousand years. Therefore, I have decided to activate the first plan of sending out our strongest troop, the Nine Sha Luos, to Faerie Star to search for the Green Pheonix, Kris Sudarian, for information.”


“I… I don’t know who he is.” Jiang Qianxue’s delicate porcelain face flushed red. She said nervously, “I only know that I idolize him. I don’t even know if it is a man or a woman, young or old… I don’t know anything…”


Of course, he thought that way, but he could not say so. After all, the other party was much higher in rank than him.

  • She could be considered a talent when it came to learning martial arts, and yet she had only managed to get past level nineteen despite having already tried her best.
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